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Our Mission

Ran draw inspiration for our cleaning products from various wonderful lifestyles, emphasizing simplicity in design integrated into daily life. Our products are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, aimed at reducing long-term safety concerns for the skin and ensuring that local factory workers have proper working conditions.

Our Responsibility Key Points

We are founded on making sustainability a part of everyday life. We aim to feel comfortable in our daily lives and have the opportunity to create homes that do not compromise our values. This was the motivation behind founder Diane Wang's initiative to develop sustainable cleaning products since 2020, where the ingredient list of the products underwent thorough testing, considering environmental factors without compromising efficiency.

As our product range expands, our responsibility standards have been extended to production, material selection, packaging, and transportation. We have integrated our business ethos into the design process from the outset, with our designers opting for sustainable materials with longer lifespans. Quality is at the core of our design, allowing us to offer aesthetically timeless practices.


We closely collaborate with carefully selected suppliers from Europe and Asia. Through on-site visits to raw material sources, we gain a thorough understanding of factory conditions, enabling us to ensure they meet our ethical and environmental requirements.


Choosing eco-friendly packaging made in Taiwan can reduce carbon emissions during transportation.

Since 2021, all our transparent plastic packaging is made from 100% recyclable PET plastic and ocean waste, which can be reused for new products, including clothing production, fiber filling, and new packaging.


Our liquid products are concentrates that are not diluted with water, reducing the amount of waste generated from packaging processing.


Our cushioning materials use 100% biodegradable bubble wrap, replacing traditional bubble bags and paper, eliminating the use of new paper and plastic.


We aim to have all cardboard and paper packaging certified by FSC in the future. However, due to cost considerations and Taiwanese technology, we are still in the implementation phase.

Materials and refills

Most of our cleaning products are made from enzymes extracted from microorganisms, which can decompose up to 95% naturally, ensuring minimal harm to the natural environment.


Other products are made from carefully selected natural materials that are environmentally certified, such as coconut fiber extraction and plant extracts. These materials are from rapidly renewable sources, so we strive to find waste-reducing solutions.

As we opt for packaging made in Taiwan, but currently the inner models of the supplementary bags made in Taiwan cannot biodegrade, resulting in these bags becoming waste.

This is why we have refrained from offering supplementary bag solutions.


Our fragrances are made from 100% EU-certified safe fragrances, free from environmental harmful factors.

This reduces respiratory sensitivities and enhances production responsibility.

We have strict requirements for distribution, with all textiles produced using organic cotton.


This ensures that the entire production process meets high social and environmental standards. It also guarantees the high quality of cotton, meaning textiles can be reused for many years.

Social responsibility

Our business philosophy is centered around people. That's why we only use ingredients sourced from nature, ensuring ethical and environmental conditions, and our products are manufactured without the use of chemicals harmful to our health.


When selecting new partners, supplier conditions are always our top consideration. Therefore, it's important for us that they actively comply with Taiwan's ESG sustainability policies, international United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the Global Compact, or develop strategies on how to achieve these goals in the coming years.

Our curated distribution products are all made from sustainable materials.


Except for our distribution products - horsehair brushes, all our products are vegan, allowing us to care for our ecosystems and animal rights. However, the horsehair comes from happy, well-cared-for horses that have not suffered. Additionally, our products are, of course, not tested on animals.


In our warehouse, we strive to use boxes made from FSC-certified paper or recycled paper for packaging whenever possible.

We make the most of the space within boxes to avoid unnecessary packaging usage, and we also utilize biodegradable packaging materials whenever possible.


With few exceptions, all transportation is conducted via trucks or sea freight. We strive to avoid air transportation as much as possible to maintain lower carbon dioxide emissions and minimize environmental impact.