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At Ran, our liquid products are mostly super-concentrated from microorganisms, so you don't need to water them down. That makes them super easy to use and cuts down on packaging waste. Check out these tips on dosing and making your products last longer.

021 Floor Cleaning Liquid / Multi-surface cleaner

Daily Essential Cleaning

At Ran, we emphasize regular cleaning over occasional tidying up.

Our top recommendation is to dilute our 021 product in a spray bottle and use a clean cloth to wipe down sprayed areas when tidying your table throughout the day.

Simple, effective, and antimicrobial, our gentle, pH-neutral 021 All-Purpose Cleaner is suitable for most surface materials.

More information: 021 Floor Cleaning Liquid

099 Dish Washing Liqid

Essential for Every Household

Ran Dishwashing Liquid is a concentrated product containing special ingredients and nourishing extracts, effectively removing grease and food residue while protecting the skin.

Recommended usage: A single press is sufficient for washing most dishes (approximately four servings).

Alternatively, press once and add to 5 liters of warm water. Pour grease into the dishes, then wash again.

For best results, use the detergent with warm water for enzymatic cleaning power.

The product is up to 95% biodegradable, free from parabens, dyes, essential oils, synthetic fragrances, endocrine disruptors, and carcinogens.

More information: 099 Dish Washing Liqid

001/002 Classic Laundry Detergent Collection

Our laundry detergent is made from concentrated neutral detergent, without added fragrance plasticizers to ensure clothes are free from lingering chemical scents.

It contains no thickeners or chemical stabilizers, allowing natural liquid enzymes to remain fluid like water. (Most natural products tend to be watery, not diluted with water, as is commonly believed.)

Our laundry detergent is suitable for all colors and fabrics. We recommend using 1 capful per wash, equivalent to 4 pumps or 40 milliliters. For tough stains, apply a few drops directly onto the stain, soak for 10 minutes (do not exceed 20 minutes as enzymes are active ingredients), then wash in the washing machine.

More information: 002 Laundry Detergent

Hand Washing Detergent (Underwear)

The best selling product
Press the detergent once onto the stain, then rub and wash. Rinse with warm water.

For stubborn stains, soak for 5-20 minutes (maximum 20 minutes), then rub and wash with warm water.

If the stain persists, it indicates that it has deeply set into the fibers and requires chemical treatment.
However, using chemical products may damage the fabric (such as fading or altering the texture). In such cases, it's recommended to seek professional dry cleaning services.

More information: 012 Hand Washing Detergent (Underwear)

052 Bathroom Soap Scum Cleaner (Glass/Mirror)

Tough Fighter Against Stubborn Bathroom Scale

Ran's only mildly acidic product, formulated with coconut oil extract, effectively removes hard water stains and soap scum from glass while protecting it.

Recommended usage: Spray and wait for 1 minute, then use a sponge or scraper to easily remove residual soap scum.

This product has a slight odor; it is advisable to use it in a well-ventilated area.

More information: 052 Bathroom Soap Scum Cleaner (Glass/Mirror)

Mineral Oil Fragrance Diffuser Collection

When your home smells lovely again after cleaning, it helps save resources. Use our fragrance refill glass bottles, which come with 5 natural rattan fragrance sticks. Pour the refill into a container or vase of your choice to create a new ambiance at home.

The glass packaging of our refills is made from recycled glass.

More information: Mineral Oil Fragrance Diffuser 801/802/803

Hand Soap Collection

Ran hand sanitizers all contain natural extracts of jojoba oil, providing a high-grade skincare ingredient that moisturizes hands and emits a fresh fragrance.

Our hand sanitizers are free from synthetic fragrances, allowing a subtle scent during handwashing that rinses away with water, leaving hands moisturized with the benefits of jojoba oil and reducing any potential irritation from synthetic additives.
More information: 508 Hand Soap

Body Wash Collection

After a busy day, do you care about the body wash you use? Ran uses gentle skin-cleansing ingredients along with added Vitamin E, aloe vera extract, and natural antibacterial juniper essential oil to soothe and moisturize during the cleansing process.

This product has undergone testing by 10 individuals with mild odor-sensitive dermatitis, showing no allergic reactions and proving it is gentle on the skin. (This product is designed to soothe and be gentle on the skin, but it is not medicinal. If you have severe skin sensitivity, it's advisable to consult a doctor.)

More information: 528 Body Wash 

Baby Collection Detergent

013 Baby Garments Detergent (White tea & Wood)
Baby clothes often get covered in food residue, milk stains, and accidental spills of feces... and you don't want to clean them with adult clothes. You can use Ran's specially formulated baby laundry detergent, a concentrated neutral detergent suitable for both washing machines and hand washing, and suitable for various fabrics used for babies.

We recommend applying the detergent directly onto the clothes each time before putting them into the washing machine or hand washing. For stubborn stains, soaking before washing is also recommended.

More inforamtion: 013 Baby Garments Detergent

091 Bottle and Toys Washing Liquid

If you often worried that baby toys are full of bacteria, and the milk bottles used frequently have a milk residue smell. Using detergent can easily clean bacteria, milk residue... all at once, so that babies can use them without worries.

More information: 091 Bottle and Toys Washing Liquid