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As people become more aware of environmental sustainability and start appreciating a more thoughtful lifestyle, the fast-paced consumer culture often makes us forget the real value of the products we use every day.

When you’re shopping for your daily essentials, you’re not just meeting a need; you’re also expressing your personal style and showing kindness to our planet.

At "Ran," we believe you can have it all: practical needs, great taste, and environmental friendliness. That’s what "Ran" is all about.

Let’s rise together and make a difference!

Founded in 2020, Ran is a Taiwanese brand that stands for:

“Effective Cleaning”
We use natural ingredients derived from microbial enzymes instead of petroleum-based components, ensuring high cleaning efficiency without compromising on performance.

“Earth Friendly”
Our materials are chosen for their low pollution impact, energy efficiency, recyclability, and biodegradability. This helps us minimize environmental conflicts and promote sustainability.

We blend the essence of everyday life with a natural, minimalist style, showcasing the elegance and sentiment found in the simplicity of daily moments.

Ran was founded against the backdrop of my daily life as someone with OCD, sensitive skin, and a penchant for cleanliness. Moving out on my own after entering society, I began to prioritize the rituals and atmosphere of home.

I hadn't worked in this industry before, but my sensitivity to skincare prompted me to start this entrepreneurial journey. I set a standard for creating products that are both beautiful, clean, and gentle on skin, catering to consumers like me who care about quality of life, enjoy attractive packaging, and prioritize environmental friendliness.

In 2019, Taiwan lacked effective, nicely packaged cleaning products, which was frustrating for someone particular like me. This sparked my passion for entrepreneurship. With a background in engineering from college and experience in marketing and PR at a foreign company, I thought I could make a difference. It was a naive idea, but it led to the development of Ran products that you know today.

While traveling frequently, I noticed Europe's strong focus on environmental issues and sustainable materials. After a year of research, I developed products using sustainable materials that satisfied my standards.

As someone naturally allergic to strong scents, I'm sensitive to perfumes, but I've always loved delightful fragrances. So, it was important for me to develop products that smell great and are hypoallergenic. We succeeded, and Ran's fragrances have become one of our most famous features. Alongside gentle scents, I also focused on designing aesthetically pleasing cleaning agents that you can proudly display, reminding you to keep your home tidy.

For me, finding products that offer gentle cleaning has always been a priority. The inspiration behind Ran's product development comes from meeting the needs of myself, my family, and Ran's fans.

I hope Ran inspires you to imagine a different and cool lifestyle.

Ran, meaning the slow rise of the sun in Chiinese.

Sunlight bathing the ocean, moisture drifting into the sky, rain falling on forests and flowing into the earth, then seeping into streams and rivers, ultimately returning to the ocean.

It's a journey initiated by the sun, circling back to its origin.

Ran advocates for environmental friendliness, cherishing every aspect of the Earth.